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Marius Stanciu - Sergiu. 35 years old web developer, from Bucharest, Romania. Lived in Sydney, Australia and Heraklion, Crete. Married. With children.

I started programming with Pascal, moved onto Basic, C, Assembler, C++, Objective Pascal (Delphi), PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby (on Rails). Currently focusing on Javascript and HTML5.

Born and raised in the era of the BBSs, ASCII art, 50Mb HDDs, 8086, The Mentor, 2400 baud modems, John Perry Barlow, Windows 3.11, Netscape. If those names ring a bell, you're from my generation. My first computer was a ICE Felix HC 85 folowed by a HC 91 and a HC 2000 on which I learned Pascal (Turbo Pascal 1.0 under CP/M) and assembler. I still have the HC 2000 that I'm playing on occasionaly.

I love Montrose FC, Lotus Elise, Claudia Black, Switchfoot, Belize, Paris Saint - Germain, The Pierces, Ducati 999, Porsche Spyder 550, Ermenegildo Zegna, Babylon 5, Orson Scott Card's books, Simply Red, James Dean and his movies, Jack & Jones, Burberry, Farscape, Lucie Silvas.

I've worked on a lot of projects, I've written extensions/plugins for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Joomla, Xaraya, PunBB, Mambo, jQuery, NetBeans, XennoBB, WordPress, Jaws CMS, CMS Made Simple, I've altered/designed from scratch themes for vBulletin, PunBB, InvisionPowerBoard, XennoBB, SMF, and many others, I've written frameworks, content management systems, shopping carts, blogging software, forums, time tracking and bug tracking software. I'm using Mootools jQuery for Javascript and CodeIgniter Yii Kohana for PHP. For version control, CVS Subversion git.

I develop mobile applications for Tizen and Firefox OS.

I extensively use Nokia E7, Microsoft Windows 8.1, Debian, Elementary OS, SublimeText and sometimes, Sun Oracle VirtualBox and Sun Oracle Netbeans.

Latest news
  • Mouse HTML5 game initial release February 2015

  • Picozu Shooter addon updated February 2015

  • Netbeans SQLiteJDBC plugin updated January 2015

  • Netbeans Mootools plugin updated January 2015

  • jQueryClassyLED plugin updated January 2015

  • Website theme updated January 2015

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